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Grand Rapids MI Septic Tank Installation

It’s not the most glamorous job in the world—but your life might get a lot LESS glamorous if it’s not done properly.  The installation of a septic tank and drain field in Caledonia, MI requires precise planning and excavation to ensure that the tank isn’t damaged over time and functions properly.  There are many parts to this project, but this article focuses on preparing and excavating the space.

Your septic system is one of the most important systems of your Caledonia, MI home. And just like any other system that keeps your home in good shape, it needs routine maintenance. Septic tank installation and replacement near Caledonia, MI needs to be completed by professionals with experience and training who can ensure that your septic system will keep your home safe and sanitary for years to come.

Caledonia, MI Septic Tank Installation

You will need a permit when installing a septic tank near Caledonia, MI. You will need to have the permit in hand before our team can create a custom quote for you. Our custom quotes are based on several elements including what type of soil your home has and how much wastewater it can drain. There are two main types of septic systems: gravity-fed and pump systems. You will need to contact the County Health Department for an evaluation. They will determine the type of system you will need to install.

If you are building a new home, the county will do a soil evaluation. This allows them to see what types of soils you have extending down to a depth of about six feet. This is usually enough to get a permit. Sometimes they may want an excavator, like our Caledonia excavation company,  to come out with a backhoe or excavator to dig deeper; sometimes to the depth of 17 ft. Our crews typically dig deeper when no sand is present. For septic systems, sand is like gold so having sandy soil will make your septic tank installation easier.

Caledonia, MI Septic Tank Replacement

If your septic system is backing up into the house, or if it’s flooding your yard call us right away. Our Caledonia septic tank replacement team will come out and determine if the problem is your septic tank or something else. If the problem is the septic tank, it will either need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes pumping the tank can remove clogs and debris and solve the problem. But in other cases, the entire septic tank will need to be replaced. Our technicians can discuss all of your options with you and give you advice based on your unique situation.

If your septic tank needs to be excavated and replaced there are county conditions that will have to be met. Each county has its requirements on slope, distances to property lines, foundations, wells, and other regulations that must be followed. Our crew can discuss your county’s rules with you and determine where the best location for the replacement septic tank.

Caledonia, MI Drain Field Installation

The septic tank is only one part of your septic system. The other essential part is the drain field. We install both the septic tanks and provide drain field installation near the Caledonia, MI area.

The drain field is essentially a large pit dug into your yard that is filled with certain size gravel, then covered with 12 inches of sand, then 2 – 4 inches of topsoil.

The size of the drain field that your system will need depends on both how many bedrooms your home has and the drainage abilities of your soil, based on the results of your initial soil tests. The drain field is where the effluent from your home, that has been treated in the septic tank, can now enter safely and slowly back into the environment.

If you have poor soil on your property you may need an above-ground mound system to deal with the effluent. To create an above-ground mound system capable of doing the same job as a below-ground drain field our crew will bring in 300-500 yards of sand. That sand will be piled into a large mound which will clean the effluent before it reaches the current grade of your yard.

For a typical house in the Caledonia area, there will normally be three septic tanks installed on the property with the third tank being a pump tank. The pump tank will pump the effluent from the other tanks into the raised drain field.

Caledonia, MI Drain Field Replacement

If your septic drain field keeps flooding, or if sewage is seeping back up into your home, the drain field may need to be replaced. If your drain field has become saturated with water or if the area has become too wet and soggy to properly drain effluent, you will need to replace the drain field. We provide drain field replacement near Caledonia, MI and can talk through the options with you.

An above-ground mound system is a good drain field replacement option for most homes, but our technicians can advise you on the best drain field replacement based on your property size, shape, and soil.

If you’re having septic problems or want to talk with our team about your septic tank or drain field options, give us a call today at 616-295-3982 or contact us online here.


As with many excavation projects, your septic system planning needs to start with an assessment of your soil and a site survey. This may involve a perk test. If you are having issues with your septic, feel free to call me.  I can walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you determine if you have an issue and determine next steps. Look at the Signs You May Need To Hire A Residential Plumber for your property.

If you are building a new home the county will do soil evaluation. This allows them to see what types of soils you have, to the depth of about 6 ft.  Typically this is enough to provide a permit.  Sometimes they may want an excavator to come out with a backhoe or excavator to dig deeper; sometimes to the depth of 17 ft.  We typically dig deeper when no sand is present.  For septic systems, sand is like gold.

If you need a permit, here are the links to point you in the right direction. Kent County Website, Ionia County Website.

If you are in need of a septic tank or drain field to be installed, contact us today here or call us directly at 616-295-3982.