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You’ve decided to replace your existing asphalt or cement driveway in Grand Rapids, MI.  Whether it’s cracked, full of potholes, discolored, or you’re just ready for an upgrade—the first step to getting to the new one is removing the old one.

The amount of muscle and effort required to remove the drive depends on the method you select.

Most Muscle; Least Cost

The option that requires the most effort on your part is renting some tools and doing the labor on your own.  This is a no-kidding workout, so do not attempt this unless you are in good physical shape and prepared for a long day of strenuous effort.

The tools for this project include, but are not limited to, a sledgehammer, floor jack shovel, wheelbarrow, dumpster, and preferably, a jackhammer.  Using a jackhammer, while quite strenuous, will reduce the sledgehammer swinging that you’ll need to do.  If you don’t get a jackhammer, you’ll need to start in one corner of the driveway, dig a hole along the edge, and jack up a slab of the driveway to get started.

From there, you’ll need to work your way down the driveway, using the wheelbarrow to transport the waste materials to the dumpster

Least Muscle; Increased Cost

If you don’t want to spend an entire day (or longer) taking on the removal of your driveway near Grand Rapids, MI, it is better to hire a professional crew to do this project.  With the ability to bring in heavier machinery, this job can be finished quickly and efficiently.

While it may cost a little more to follow this path, the time and effort saved on rentals, labor, and disposal of waste materials is worth it to many home and business owners.

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