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If you’ve always had a driveway, you may not fully appreciate the value and curb appeal until you live somewhere that is without.  The often underappreciated welcome mat to your home, it is important to have a driveway that makes the statement you want about you and your family.

Whether you don’t have a driveway at all, or what you have is lacking in some way, driveway installs provide a variety of options for different budgets, styles, and timelines.  You can read up on our recommendations for gravel driveways here, but today we’re focusing on asphalt.

Preparing the Site:

To ensure a long life for your new driveway in Grand Rapids, MI, the site needs to be properly excavated and graded, with a slope that will force runoff water away from your driveway and towards drains.  If this step is skipped, you risk pooling water that will eventually seep into the driveway materials and wreak havoc on the foundation below.

Once the land has been graded properly, the driveway requires a base layer.  The material used might vary, but essentially needs to be a coarse, roughly cut gravel or other crushed stone.  Unlike smooth pebbles, these types of stones are more likely to lock together and remain sturdy, not shifting over time.

That base layer then needs to be compacted, preferably mechanically, ensuring the flattest, most compact surface possible for your driveway.  It is also recommended that the base be allowed to sit for several days, allowing any natural settling to take place and again eliminating the likelihood of problems further down the line.

Once we complete the site, it’s  ready for the next phase. If you are looking to install a gravel driveway, we can help you with that. If you are wanting an asphalt or cement driveway, you’re able to bring in them to finish the driveway.

If you’re looking to get your driveway excavated, contact us today or call us directly at 616-295-3982.