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Private roads in Grand Rapids, MI have their upsides: you have some control over the traffic, they are often less traveled, and you can even give them a unique name.  On the downside, however, private roads require maintenance.  Even the best-laid road will crack, crumble, and develop pot holes over time.  If those problems are not fixed quickly, the will get worse quickly.  Luckily, there are ways to fix those problems, and increase the longevity of your road.

The best time to attack a crack in the road is when you first notice it.  It will only get worse from there on out, especially in times of inclement weather and heavy traffic.  Crack sealing is not hard, and it prevents water and debris from entering the crack and making it bigger.  Before actually sealing a crack, it should be cleaned using high pressure air, sandblasting, or a pressure washer.  Sealing a crack with the debris inside is almost as damaging as leaving the crack alone.

Potholes are bigger problems for a road — they are often the result of neglected cracks, and can cause vehicle and tire damage.  As with cracks, an unrepaired pothole allows water to enter into the road’s structure and can quickly cause a lot more damage.

If your private road doesn’t get the maintenance it needs, you will find yourself needing a much more expensive replacement down the road.