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Fences are typically thought of as dividing, but sometimes they aren’t so cut and dry. A silt fence, for example, is designed to get wet—and to allow water to pass through it while keeping dirt and debris from getting through.

Silt fences are made out of a synthetic mesh, and they serve a lot of purposes. They can prevent contamination of an area, reduce levels of erosion, and help with the maintenance of a space.

The installation of a silt fence in Grand Rapids, MI is a fairly manageable project.

Setting up the Fence Line: The first step is to work on the placement of your fence.  Walk the space that requires a silt fence and place stakes along the line. They should be about 10-16 feet apart.

Trenching for the Fencing: For the silt fence to be successful, you need to prevent things from going UNDER in addition to through. That means the base of the fence should be buried into the ground, up to 24 inches deep.  This means you’ll need to build some trenches along your established stake line.

Ready for the Install: Once your trenches are in place, it’s time to get serious about your fence.  Take your loosely installed stakes, grab a sledgehammer, and really pound those in to their locations.  Time to get your synthetic mesh material (which, of course, you’ve measured based on the length of your fence), and start spanning it across your stakes. The materials should fit into your trench, and you’ll need to use a staple gun to attach it to your stakes.

Finishing the Job: Once you’ve placed the fence and are feeling good about it, you need to backfill the trench and solidify the fence. Once you backfill the unearthed soil into the trench, get a tamper or mechanical compactor to press down the ground and keep the fence in position.

If you follow these steps, you should have a long-lasting silt fence to keep your property free from erosion and contamination!

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