Lowell, MI ATV Trail Creation

If you’re an ATV rider, you are likely to be big on adventure!  And riding the same trails over and over again isn’t exactly exciting for an adventure seeker.  Luckily, you can up the ante by creating your own ATV trails.

Scouting:  Don’t go in blind.  Walk the route first, using a GPS tool to map your path and track the distance.  Use spray paint or colorful ribbon to mark the path on trees or other foliage, giving you both a high and low tech way to keep to the planned path.  Use your knowledge of ATV riding to make fun but safe choices.  Depending on where you live, watch out for anything that could be dangerous to you or your vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to do your scouting after some rain—that way you have a fresh view of how runoff water flows in the area and you can avoid areas that may be easily damaged by the elements.

Routing:  As you plan your trail, remember that constant straightaways are a bit boring and make the ride go too quickly.  Keep your trail full of twists and turns to increase the ride time and skill building that happens on your trail.

Clearing:  Once you’ve figured out your route with your mental muscles, it’s time to turn to your physical muscles and clear the trail.  The process that you’ll use here is highly dependent on your location and terrain.  If your obstacles are mostly made of small bushes, a brush hog will get the job done.  However, if there are a lot of trees you’ll need to bust out the chainsaws and get ready to do some stump removal.

Maintaining:  The best way to keep a trail for overgrowing is frequent riding!  However, a well-ridden trail also gets worn down, and might require some upkeep in areas where it begins to erode.  On the other hand, a trail that is less traveled may overgrow and require more visits from the brush hog, saws, and clippers.

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