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Most walls hold something up—but some hold something back.  Retaining walls serve the important purpose of holding back soil in a space.  These can be useful in many ways and situations.

Here are some things that you should consider when installing a retaining wall.

Measure Accurately

The last thing you want when you’re halfway through a project is to realize that you bought way too much or too little of a material.  When you draw out your plan (which by the way, you should definitely draw out a plan), capture exact measurements of the wall’s proposed height, depth, and width.

Now, as you select your materials, you can use the stone, paver, or cement blocks dimensions and use your drawing to determine exactly how many pieces your project will require.  Keep in mind that your wall will need to go approximately 4-6 inches into the ground all of the way across.  Also, it never hurts to buy a few extra pieces—you never know!

Don’t Skimp on the Foundation

Stick to the basics of excavation and proper foundation laying with your wall.  Dig the trench for the pavers and tamp down the soil so that it’s solid.  After that, include a layer of rough gravel and make sure that is also compacted and level.

When you lay the first level of your material (pavers, blocks, etc.), ensure a tight fit.  You can use a rubber mallet to really get everything into place, and keep using a level to keep each piece aligned with the one next to it.

Brick by Brick

Once row one is in, you’ve completed the hardest part.  Continue laying each row, making sure that the edges are staggered (don’t create columns of pavers) and that you use a strong cement adhesive to connect each piece.

Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy and add some creative elements.  Stair-stepping the sides of the wall, making a sort of pyramid shape, can be a nice touch!  Using a shorter, flat paver of a complementary color on the top row is another great way to finalize and accent your creation.

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